Thursday, August 31, 2017

Care of Creation....Let us pray together!!!!!!!!!

September 1st is the day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, a joint appeal from Pope Francis and Ecumencial Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I. 

For us ,  this day is very special to pray for our Mother Earth and her children Water and Air, Mountains and valleys, forests and fields, animals and Birds etc that are exploited daily in every way due to the greed of the humans. 

Hence lets join together and remember this event specially in your provinces, in your communities and in all the formation centres.  Kindly forward this email to all the communities in the province for wider circulation. 

Finding God in the Wilderness
Finding God in the Wilderness is an invitation to ecological conversion inspired by St. John the Baptist, who ventured into the wilderness to know God more fully. He returned from the wilderness ignited with love for the Creator and a fervent desire to prepare the way for the Messiah. We invite you, like John the Baptist, to embark on a spiritual journey into the wilderness to encounter God in a new way, and to come forth ready to help inspire a similar conversion in others. 
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