Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Padre Sisto Zarpellon passes away

The sad new of the death of a humble and simple capuchin friar shocked and saddened all of us here in Curia. He was really a very Holy Friar and has helped so many friars to live a good Capuchin life in the College. He was a spiritual Father, Confessor and Liturgist in the international College Rome. He would always smile while speaking to you. He was always available for the brothers anytime. He was well known preacher and known TV figure.....he would always appear on TV with some beautiful messages.

While i was in the College in 1994-97 he helped me a lot in my spiritual life. It was he who encouraged me when i would be depressed in the college in the early days of my stay in Rome. He would say that imagine college is your friary and all the brothers are your brothers of India. He has spent about 20 years in Rome. He is from the Province of Venice. He was personal secretary to the Ex General Minister John......
He died today at the age of 85 and his funeral will be on Saturday 7th January 2017 at 10.30 in the Capuchin Church in Lendinara Rovereto.
Let us pray for the dear departed Soul of a great and simple friar......Padre Sisto will continue to live in our minds and hearts....above all he continue living in those who had the opportunity to be guided and counselled by him.....

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