Sunday, January 22, 2017

Live Life without Fear

 The Holy Father in his homilies does make a mention of living human life without fear. He constantly reminds that God as our Father is watching over us and protecting us from all evil and the forces of evil. The power of God doesn't allow us to live under the power of evil spirit but helps us to over come it by trusting in His love and grace.
 Today we see a lot of people who live constantly in fear beacause of lack of faith God and his kingdom. Most of them are under the influence of evil power n lead lives according to his commandments and not that of God. 
 God leads us to peace and serenity when we are clause to him. He shows us the right path to walk when we call on him from the bottom of our hearts.
 Why live in fear when God's grace is available always. Is there domination of God's grace and his presence in our live? Or is the evil spirit leading n guiding every move of ours? Let us surrender ourselves to ever loving and generous lord and not fear, just surrender n believe.
 Br. Aklilu and mission collaborator of the capuchin order, visiting Assam for he first time. The collaborators have a plan to spend their time and expertise for the missions of the capuchins all over the world.....let us welcome and pray for them.

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