Monday, January 16, 2017

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The Lexicon which was prepared first in 1951 is being updated for the Order. Two brothers Jose and Roberto in the International College have beeen working day and night to produce a new Lexicon of the Capuchin Order. The response of many provinces is very positive and they have collaborated with them in order to update the old lexicon. The information which the provinces have sent to them are done according to a form which was prepared by them. This lexicon is going to be a wealth of Information about the provinces, their history, convents and extraordinary friars who have lived good Capuchin life. 
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The Lexicon has its own website which is very informative. One can look for information on whatsoever province or even friar by just adding a word or name of the province in search column. You have wonderful and useful information at your finger prints.......I found it very useful.....

The Capuchin Lexicon, published in Latin in 1951, is a bio-bibliographical dictionary, which, in addition to the essential bibliography on the most illustrious cappuccins and other friars who have been influential in the history of the Order, includes the voices of all the continets,of missions and monasteries along its almost five centuries of history. In addition, a large number of entries on different topics relating to the Capuchin history and ranging from the aspects of daily life, like the water of the monasteries or pharmacies and herbalists Capuchin, through the arts and thought (architecture, painting , cabinet-making, philosophy, theology, mathematics), until his participation in political, social movements, ecclesial and cultural that have followed: Protestantism, Jansenism, Enlightenment, nationalism, Nazism, fascism, etc. And all this supported by an updated bibliography. During the sixty years of its existence the Capuchin Lexicon proved to be a valuable research tool on the Capuchin history, much appreciated by researchers and scholars, both inside and outside the Order. Since both sides are now felt the need for an update of this useful tool which takes into account changes occurring in the last fifty years. Since 2004 the Capuchin Order, by decision of the central government, is counting on a group of monks who - with the help of several experts cappuccinos and various scholars of the scientific world - is looking to develop a new edition of the Lexicon with new contributions of 'historical investigation in line with the current historiographical sensitivity, taking into account its extraordinary internationalization occurred in recent decades. The style of presentation of Lexicon wants to be similar to the front, but including the evolution of the Order especially after the Second Vatican Council, as well as new entries topics. This new version of the Capuchin Lexicon, which will also be printed, wants to offer the Capuchin history of researchers and to the friars of the Order that the consultations, the first research tool - hence the importance of the bibliography - of monks, people who have had a certain relationship with the Order, convents, provinces, missions and many other topics related his story. The chosen language will no longer be Latin, but the Italian, with the intention of being able to translate at least in English. Here we want to offer while a sample of all this, you will go by completing according to the processed material.

The realization of the work is entrusted to a commission composed by: José Ángel Echeverría (director), Roberto Cuvato (executive secretary), Salvatore Vacca, Miguel Anxo Pena González, Jan Bernd Elpert. The General Minister, Br. Mauro Jöhri, in the Programmatic Letter 2012-2018 to the Order, wrote about this: "It is our firm intention to bring this work to a conclusion during this newly begun sexennium and to do it we need a greater effort on the part of all."
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