Sunday, January 22, 2017

From Cold climate to Warm climate of India

Since Christmas it has been very cold in Rome and for Non-Europeans it is something which we cannot bear. But somehow i like the winter and its beauty in Europe. When it is cold it has its own rythm and beauty. When one gets into it and feels part of it, then you really enjoy the winter. I have been really enjoying the winter ever since i first visited Rome. Yesterday, three of us, Jaime, ALbert and me left for India from Rome. Jaime and ALbert were on their way to Kerala for the academic visit of the formation houses in South India. I was on way to Mumbai to participate one family function and then to Delhi Custody for the Assembly. I have a long and tight schedule this time....two months i will be traveling to SriLanka, North India and Indonesia....

Here in Mumbai it is normal temperature......but warm enough......My family lives in suburbs and normally the climate is very pleasant since we have farms and a lot of trees all over.....the sea is very close and it is green belt.....a lot of vegetables are grown in this part of the world....lovely place....
We will never realize the magnitude of Christ's sacrifice on the cross until we see all our sins and witness the deep sufferings and sins of others. Many of us sin because of our problems, because we cannot accept rejection, being poor, being deprived, etc. We do bad things because we cannot accept our poverty, injustices committed against us, etc. Who is exempt from problems and suffering?

     Even Jesus suffered but he did so without rebelling. And without sinning. Jesus died not for his sins for he was sinless, but for our sins, our selfishness, our lack of love, our impatience and indifference and all the other crimes humankind has committed. His saving death on the cross was so great that no one should despair of his sins.

     In the Gospel reading we see the teachers of the Law claiming that Jesus was a tool of the devil. It is so hard and so disappointing to see how these men, despite the miracles and all the good things Jesus was doing, could not see the finger of God working through him.

     We pray that our minds and hearts would not be so blind and unable to see God's presence and action in our daily lives. People, who are so full of themselves, their wealth and possessions, ambitions and aspirations, could easily fail to see God's presence and actions. We should be in constant watch to see God's presence and actions in our lives.
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