Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Assembly of Prem Jyoti Custody, Delhi......

The Provincial Minister, Br. John Baptist, of St. Francis Province, Kerala under whom the Custody is placed, conducted the pastoral visitation for last two weeks. He visited all the houses and friars, spent quality time listening and deliberating with each friar of the Custody....the visitation was really a time of grace and renewal of the commitment of the friars to the Capuchin charism and to the custody. After having finished the visitation he had planned an assembly of all the friars on 31st January. I was informed about it and i wrote to the provincial and Custos whether i could come and present some of the things of the Order. Both of them happily agreed and invited me to speak to the friars on Economic situation in the Order and how a jurisdiction needs to self-reliant as the resources in the General Curia are drying up.
All the friars were attentive and were appreciative of the facts and truths about the economy of the Order. I invited all of them to work together in order to be self-sufficient and reliant. The Custody is blessed with three schools which are source of income for them. They are all well managed and everything is centralised. The Custos and council is united in making all the efforts to expand and plan economy for the future.
I also presented a power point on the statistics of the Order prepared by Br. Damien Pereira. The friars were interested to know and study about the Order.......the numbers increasing at the same time going down in some part of the world.....the statistics are a great information for the friars.....and it is well done with latest informations........
 The friars of the Custody. There 40 friars professed.
 The friars getting ready for the assembly
 Br John Baptist proposing vote of thanks
 The friars actively participating in the discussion

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