Sunday, October 22, 2017

Mission Sunday - A call to be "Good News"

Today, with all our sisters and brothers throughout the world we are asked to remember that we are called to share in the Church’s mission of proclaiming the Good News of Christ to the ends of the world.

Jesus is inviting and exhorting us to pray for the missionaries. He is asking us to be evangelizers through words and deeds, examples and life witnessing. Mission is not difficult if we dont grow discourage and lose heart in speaking about Jesus. If we remain faithful to the Lord, the first missionary who doesnt allow us to be powerless but powerful in speaking about him. When we are faced with suffering and persecution what is importanti s to be strong and hang in there. Perseverance is the key to all kinds of situation in the Missions.
St Paul tells us, “Proclaim the message and welcome or unwelcome, insist on it,” we have to recognize that we are bearers of the Good News. This task very often means that we are going to have to not just “insist” but also Persist.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Assisi School assembly, Chennur

 There are 310 students in the school.....within three years the number has reached looks like in the coming years numbers would go up....the children are smart and bright...

 Superior sister welcoming us

 The sisters invited us for dinner....their chapel...

 The school building is very simple but attractive....

 The school within two years has made a tremendous growth.....tiny tots after their Diwali vacations...
 Br. Mathew Paikada...welcoming me....he is the Pioneer of the school...worked very hard to bring up the school....

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Visited the Mission Places in Adilabad

 A boarding school run by CMI fathers....our Capuchins help them
 These are orphan or semi orphan children....taken care by the fathers

 The CMI were the first missionaries who landed here about 65 years ago...they have a province
 FCC sisters too are here for more than 50 they have a province...formation houses and schools

 The last entry is by the Capuchins though late but still strong 6 years miracles have taken place.....blessings and best wishes in form of support is required...
 Capuchins have started a school....a friary and a Covent of religious sisters who teach in the school....they will also run a boarding for the students

 visited a parish where our friars go for ministry
 A piece of land purchased to build a small friary to begin social works...a lot of scope in the villages around...
 Two young friars are a big support to Br. Mathew Paikada

 The kids were interested to know about Rome and the Capuchins
 FCC novitiate staff

 Friary and the school building

 A neighboring parish priest.....has a boarding for the poor children
 A common scene on the road.....buffaloes and cows taken out for grazing
 Some of them could be future Capuchins....

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fraternal Visit to Adilabad Mission of St. Joseph's Province Kerala

 I left Rome yesterday morning and reached after almost 24 hours of travel to Adilabad....from Rome via Dubai to Hyderabad....from Hyderabad by train 5 hours .....tired and thought of sleeping in train but we are in India....the friars came to receive me at the station....another one hour drive by road....

 Br. Mathew Paikada the ex-provincial minister of st. Joseph province is here....his hard work along with the cooperation of the friars....the mission is picking up...the friars are well inserted into the local is a Syro Malabar five years a lot of work done....congrats to Br Mathew ....

 This is a small parish friar stays here...there is a convent of the together

 Br. Augustine a great missionary...he has worked in almost four he is here...true Capuchin...simple son of St. Francis

 This is the convent of the sisters who work with the friars in the school......below is the friary......more about school tomorrow