Thursday, October 13, 2016

Why do we Gossip????????

We come across many men and women who love to gossip about the others. The gossip has been a huge reason for break of relationships. It is very damaging too. The people who gossip about the others are doing it for various reasons like one wants to feel very important and make known their presence felt in a group or among friends. It could be also that one has very low self-esteem and not able to accept themselves, so they would always look for some one who is lower than them. Or they would go a step further to spoil the good name by fabricating some bad news. 

I have known some groups who enjoy gossiping about the others. They start their day by talking about the others of things and matters which are not true at all. This group survives only gossiping…I have had a bad experience with this group because I did not join them. They began to neglect and ignore me. They wanted me to be part of them so that I could also add some bad and negative energy about the others. The group would talk about the persons who have refused to be the part of the group. Sometimes the talks are so bad that one could never imagine in wildest dream. They would just spoil the name and peace of those persons. 

The group wanted attention from everyone who were on the top. They would pose or present as if they knew everything about those on the top and would circulate the news by gossiping. The only intention is to seek attention and appreciation of the others. Some of these men wanted to control over the others, make the others feel that they are weak and good for nothing. Once they had control over these so called weak persons who would accept and believe in themselves then it would be easy to make them to dance according their tunes.

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