Sunday, October 30, 2016

Heritage Program for English speaking Friars from Asia, Africa and Gulf - International Formation commission

 Every Friar in the Order Longs to attend this ongoing formation program...which is organised by the General Formation has been a big success every it is well organised by the friars responsible like Brothers Charles and Jaime.....they do a lot of planning and organising.....this year the group was big but they saw that every one was made comfortable and had a good experience of the Franciscan tradition and roots. They visited all the Franciscan places and also some of the Capuchin historical places.....
 CCMSI prepares its participants well in India itself before they come to Rome.....they are informed about the importance and value to live our Capuchin Charism....

Br. Jaime is a big hit among the young friars....he has a charm and with his deep knowledge and ways of communication catches everyone's attack.....Charles Alphonse is another Friar who has given his heart and mind for the Formation programs....long live their plans and projects of formation

Friars will definitely go back with rich experience to live in deep communion with the St. Francis and Capuchin spirituality
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