Friday, October 7, 2016

Happy Birthday to Br. James Donnegan

Today is the birthday of our brother James Donnegan. I am sure you all know him. He is the secretary of the economic solidarity here in Curia. He has already proved that he is the best for the job given to him. For last three years he has been carrying out the work full time. He also goes around in the provinces to conduct economic visitations. He has a straight and direct approach to the economy of any province. Yet times he is hard and demanding but that is what we want from the Curia....
Jim has worked as a missionary in Honduras.....he is from the Province of New York......Jim is a nice friars always ready to help.....has a million dollar smile......he is also know to make some beer at home......everyone loves his beer.......a friar who loves his vocation and fully integrated in the fraternity.
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