Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fr. Lawrence Parathupara OFM Cap, St. Joseph Province, Kerala

This morning Br. Lawrence passed away. He was sick for some time. A friar who had dedicated hi life to formation and teaching. He was a Canon Law professor, very efficient and accurate in giving his opinion. He has contributed a lot to the Province in the field of education and formation. He hails from St, Joseph Capuchin Provincial House, Kottayam. I came to know him before 15 years as a provincial of Maharashtra....during one CCMSI meeting i consulted him for one problem and he gave me his valuable opinion which i did use and it worked very well. A wise man who had always a good word about others. Fr. Lawrence Parathupara, he was  (71) years old. The funeral is scheduled to be held on  06/10/2016 (Thursday) at 10.00 AM at Assisi Ashram, Bharananganam.
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