Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Communication Office by Br. Pawel Teperski

St. Paul is a person of communication, his journey was a moment of writing and communication, he does what our social media does today. He is announcing the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The church' communication has the value of formation of the faithful for salvation.
Communication is always is a challenge for a provincial to communicate with the friars. It is a service for the friars for which the provincial is called to offer. when there is an absent of communication it creates frustrations. When it is absent then the friars are not sure....
The fraternity which is in constant communication are very sure of what is happening. The superior doesn't have to do everything alone, but needs to create an office and structures of communication. The modes of communication are very important for the animation of the province. Have a secretary who can communicate to the brothers who are far away and who would like to know what is happening in the province. Today majority of the friars are using social media and are connected with many modes of communication, so it is easy to communicate today.

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