Monday, July 4, 2016

Pastoral Visitation by Raffaele Della Torre

The pastoral visitation prescribed by the rule and universal law contributes much to the inspiration and rental of our life, and to the unity of the brothers.

Therefore, the ministers shall apply themselves to it with particular dedication, either personally or through others, as prescribed by the church and by ur own law. 

During the visitation, the ministers or other brothers delegated to conduct it shall have a sincere conversation with the brothers, both individually and communally, about everything, whether spiritual or temporal, that protects and fosters their life. let them not neglect the visitation of the house.

Let them act with great understanding and prudence, adapting themselves to the times and conditions of different regions, so that the brothers may express their opinions trustfully, freely and sincerely, and together seek whatever leads to the continuing rental of our life and enrichment of all that we do. Pope Francis asks religious and fraternities to be prophets: the church must be attractive. wake up the world! you are witnesses of a different way of doing things, of acting, of living it is possible to life differently in this world. 

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