Friday, July 8, 2016

OFS by Br. Francis Dor

what do the new constitutions say about the OFS. No 102 treats the secular Franciscans and those associations including those of young people that cultivate the spirit of St. Francis.
The secular Franciscan fraternity or Order occupies a special place within the Franciscan family

in this order the brothers and issters, urged on by the holy spirit to reach the perfection of love in their secular state.
in virtue of our shared charism and communion of life in the Franciscan family

Our ministers have the faculty to establish fraternities of the secular Franciscan Order in all our houses and also elsewhere.
All the brothers shall take to heart the need to show a true brotherly attitude toward the members of the secular Order.

Likewise, all associations cultivating the spirit of saint francis, especially those of young people, shall be promoted and assisted spiritually.
Every local fraternity has a right to have an assistant. Therefore, it is not fitting to erect new fraternities if the supeior is not able to assure spiritual and pastoral assistance for them. 
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