Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Obedience and Authority - REFLECTION BY FR. PIO MURAT

 The words obedience and authority are connected. Both evoke relationships found in family life, education, the professions as well as in religious life.
The Gospel often say that Jesus speaks and acts with authority and yet, paradoxically in our eyes, the authority of Jesus is linked to his own obedience to the Father.
St. Francis understands obedience through the contemplation of Christ who gave his life, for love of his father’s will.
Obedience as an exercise of love finds its fulfillments in and through fraternal life.
RNB: through the charity of the Spirit, let them serve and obey one another voluntarily. This is the true and holy obedience of our Lord Jesus Christ.
RNB: let none of the brothers have power or control over others. Let no one be called prior, but let everyone in general be called a lesser brother. And let them was one another’s feet.
RNB: let the minister and servants remember that because the care of their brothers souls has been entrusted to them, if anything is lost on account of their fault or bad example, they will have to render an account before our Lord Jesus Christ on the day of Judgement.

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