Friday, July 8, 2016

Missionary Animation by Br. Hugo Mejia

The history of the missions of the Capuchins have always been glorious, we have many admirable examples. it is not enough that we become proud of what others have done, or tell glorious stories of the past to our brothers in formation. each one of us have part to play. St. francis said: so it is a great shame for us, servants of God, that the saints have accomplished great things and we by recounting and preaching, want to receive honor and glory. 
There are young circumscriptions that can take up missions and implatatio Ordinis. 
There are areas of mission where there is no religious freedom, and our brothers in these places deserve special attention

Funds are needed to support the missions and now the economic situation of the order is not at its best. 
Mission should bot be activism. we do not go to a place to do things; we go to live as brothers and proclaim the Gospel.

Mission is not a temporary activity that one can leave whenever one decides to. If we got to mission it is to stay, assuming the challenges presented to us, by being creative in finding solutions.

Missions requires continuity and sacrifice. Maybe some brother has to go back from the mission for whatever reason. Brothers must be constantly be prepared for mission in order to give continuity to the mission

Mission Secretariats' mission is animation and dissemination. one must keep in mind that the secretariats are not just to look for economic resources but to spread the work done in the mission, help in promoting vocations, encourage those in formation and remind the brothers in perpetual profession their concrete commitment to mission. 
The Order is much more connected
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