Wednesday, July 6, 2016

International Fraternities by Br. Pio Murat

International Fraternities of multi cultural and lingual is what the Order would like to initiate. The Diocese in the Gulf is an example, the reality of South Africa and even the General Curia where there are friars from 19 Nationalities lived together. 
These international fraternities could be one sign of globalization and also to revive the old provinces which are becoming old and no vocations are not found.
A fraternity that makes itself present with its franciscan foundation and spirituality. 
The solidarity among the provinces has to be nourished by the Capuchin charism.....

To discover a new culture, a new language and also to discover that one is not able to express oneself as he expressed before.....sign of poverty ......minority
When one works under the fraternal collaboration he has to undergo the changes,,,,,after many years of service in another country he returns as stranger in his own country.

The fraternity will be simple....serving the poor...strong life of prayer.....evangelising the society through our presence.
Living the essential elements of our Capuchin Charism these International fraternities will become keys of change and evangelisation.

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