Wednesday, July 6, 2016

International College San Lorenzo - Br. Stefan......Vicar General

The vicar general explained the situation about the International College. He also gave a panoramic picture of the life and activities of the college. He also gave the actual number of the students actually studying right now.

He explained the process of admission in the college and the procedure of the admission in various universities of Rome. The language course, which is organised in the college, is well carried forward; the good knowledge of Italian language is one of the requirements by the Universities.

He also explained how much actually it cost for a student in a year. The cost is rising higher and higher every year but the sponsoring provinces are becoming less and less.

The asked the commitment on the part of the provincial to sign the various documents, especially the commitment for celebrating mass intentions for which a student receives pocket money. He also appealed to the provincials that the students be responsible to provincials for the money that students earn during the holidays. The provincial must follow the student in the college and not just leave alone. The students must live in transparency and accountability.
Send students who are good in studies.....
According to the need of the province a student should be sent to the College.
The age factor also should be taken into account....dont send too young or too old....avoid sending some one who is sick and needs a medical attention......

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