Friday, July 1, 2016

Inner power

 today everyone is seeking solutions and answers to all kinds of problems that one faces in life.  Unfortunately many of look or seek answers in an external world, we seek in circumstances, situations, events and even people who may not be able to give us any solutions. Sometimes these may complicate our problems and may lead to disaster in life. We hardly consider looking for solutions within where we have most of the answers which can bring about cheer and happiness. Our inner self is highly potential and significant place which can really give us solid and lasting answers. Many of us think and believe that good education, a lot of money, social status are the only things that are required to achieve success and be happy, we believe that all these will open up to a meaningful relationships and peace of mind. I am sure that we will all believe that these are very essential instruments for leading a very good and comfortable human life but the real source of happiness and peace is within. We run pillar to post to put in order everything except ourselves. We want to improve others but we neglect ourselves. We hardly think that we need improvement in many areas of our lives. When we improve ourselves everything around us also gets a touch to renew and reform. Once we reform ourselves we receive that inner strength to influence others and even other circumstances around us. But to do this we need to choose appropriate thoughts, words and deeds which can make us a source of difference. We gain control over selves and over the situations which we normally cannot handle or change. It is important that we change our attitude towards our inner self in order to change the outer attitudes. Let us believe and accept the inner power that God has blessed us with. Many people who get carried away with bad influence of the others are those who are weak within, who have never realised their inner potentials.....just imagine if we did this how happy and contended we would be.

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