Saturday, July 9, 2016

General Postulation by Carlo Calloni

 The task of the Office of the General Postulator is then that of raising up, with a patience effort, at times difficult more often than not, the saint. 
 The General postulator is interested primarily in holiness, that is to say, canonical holiness, which is to say holiness recognized by the authority of the Church. There is the holiness of the martyr, the holiness of the everyday.
 The function of the office of the general postulator has thus three elements: procedural, economic-administrative and liturgical
 The evidence for the causes is collected and studied wit supreme care and with a diligent search for the historic truth through testimonies and documentary proof amnino plenae, for they have no other aim than the glory of God and the spiritual good of the Church and of all who are in search of the Gospel truth and perfection.

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