Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fraternal Collaboration by Br. Mark Schenk

World has become interconnected today.
Ø  The world events are well recorded and made known because things are interconnected, what happens in one part of the world it affects the other. The Order is interconnected today. In some part of the Order Indians and Africans are elected as Ministers and councilor

Ø  Fraternal collaboration which is a decade old…..friars going for a specific purpose in the province….to revitalize the fraternal life.
Ø  The provinces in the world who have many possibilities but they are limited by economic limitation, lack financial resources. The provinces that have financial resources could collaborate in order to help these provinces.
Ø  Fraternal collaboration is where provinces blessed with more vocations sharing the personnel with those provinces where vocations are now becoming less every time
Ø  The extreme to be avoided is that one province is self-sufficient and the other one is poor. To avoid the chaos of friars wandering around in the world. Two extremes to be avoided was Provincialism and chaos of wandering.
Ø  The sending and receiving provinces. Needs of both the provinces are to be understood. Community approval and approval by the general council to avoid provinces going round fishing for the friars from Asia and Africa.
Ø  Make sure that the sending and receiving provinces need to do good preparations… the language…..even if they speak the same language they need to update themselves, learning the history and customs.
Ø  The transition of the friar to the new province has to be prepared well.
Ø  The receiving and sending provinces have to be transformed by the culture and other habits
Ø  There has to be a contract between the sending and receiving provinces….

Ø  Don’t send friars who are not suitable and problematic friars

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