Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I Surrender all!!!!!

Since yesterday i have been thinking how can I go to Jerusalem like the apostles to offer my life? How do I die for the Lord unless I live for him? The apostles lived and died for Him. They allowed the Lord Jesus to live in them by emptying themselves totally and completely. That is one of the reasons why they were able to be His strong and efficacious witnesses of the Lord. Emptying oneself demands a lot of sacrifices like forgetting oneself, forgetting one’s projects and ones ideas but connecting ourselves with the Lord. 

To be united with the Lord we need to give up our strong ego…..emptying it to the extend that we become Christ and other centred. The fear of emptying and losing everything is very strong deep down in our consciences but once the Lord calls and touches our being, we lose this fear. Once we surrender and give up we begin to live the life of Christ and the experience of Him takes to others to live in communion.  As we empty ourselves, we attain wisdom.  Only when we have surrendered our attachment to our self can God act. We must allow God to act freely in us without our plans, agendas and ego. Then it becomes easy to unite and become one with Jesus.  

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