Thursday, June 9, 2016

Capuchin Friary, Kandhamal, Orissa

8 years ago this place was affected by the communal violence. The whole world followed the incidents of Kandhamal very closely. It was a black spot on the history of Orissa which is a peace loving state. The Christians were beaten up and their houses and churches were burnt down. It is a history now. The affected people have come back now. The villagers still have the fear…..But the state mercenary is taking all care to protect the minority and sees that no violence of such type takes place.
Our Capuchin minor seminary was attacked twice. Both the time it was set on fire. The essential things either stolen or taken away from the friary. The friars and students were chased away. The friars ran into the forest and from there they arrived to a safe town. Br. Pratap  Nayak, present provincial councilor has witnessed it twice. He has very bad memories of the violence. Today there are no signs of the violence but people do carry them in their hearts.

The Capuchin friars returned to the Minor seminary after the first attack but soon after that there was second one. Then it took about one year to return. They came back to a burnt down house. There was nothing inside. They had to begin from scrap. The fear was always lurking in their minds. But courage and missionary spirit motivated the friars to begin a fresh. Today they run an English medium school with 100 students of all communities. There is cordiality and peace dwelling now here. The friars do visit the houses of all. The students who come either to school or computer classes do appreciate our work.
The needs of the mission are many. They have started a school but it lacks basic facilities. The classrooms need desks and benches for the children to sit. The electricity is not regular so a need of a generator is felt by the friars. There are many small things which are to be provided to the friars in order to carry out the mission. You who are reading and if you would like to contribute towards this mission in Kandhamal you are most welcome to contact the Province of Mary Matha Andhra Pradesh.
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