Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Down the Memory Lane

 In the scriptures, light is equated with God's truth and life.  Just as light exposes what is hidden in the darkness, so does God's word enable those with faith, to perceive the truths of God's kingdom.  Light also allows living things to grow, just as God’s word breathes life to those who receive it with faith.
In today’s Gospel, John tells us that Jesus came to bring light into the world, not to judge mankind.  It is clear however, that to reject Jesus, is tantamount to rejecting God, and bringing judgement upon oneself.  Jesus was sent to bring life and freedom to those who accept Him.  

Whoever encounters Jesus and follows Him, walks in God’s life-giving light.
“Come, Lord Jesus Christ. Be with us now. Come and renew us. Come, oh, Prince of Peace. Dwell in our hearts. Come, be our way, our truth, and life. Conquer the night. Come, be our light, Emmanuel.”

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