Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Third Day of the Council Meeting

The morning session was dedicated to once again many reports of the chapters, visitations and also the mid term reports. Most of us make the reports very interesting by presenting them through power point. It is also good to see the provinces and their various activites through photos which gives us some good idea of the province. 
The second part of the morning session till lunch was dedicated to renewal of the economic statutes of the Order. br. Luis Eduardo did a mind blowing and fantastic job by presenting the entire economy and the  various projects carried out so far. He is man with a vision and dedication. He presented the works so far carried out through power point....It was very clear and self-explanatory. We at the end gave him a round of applause for his dedicated and committed work. The general minister specially thanked him for his love and commitement towards the work.
The afternoon session again we had some reports and discussion on the forth coming VIII PCO. The commission presented their work so far done and the responses that have come from various provinces. It is going smooth and we are hoping to have a wonderful and fruitful PCO. let us continue to pray for this big event in the Order.

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