Friday, November 7, 2014

St. Lawrence Friary and Franciscan sisters

The Franciscan sisters came here in this part of the mission in early 80. They initially had a lot of problems. People around here were seeing for the first time the religious nuns with their habits. The people suspected them for their conversion. The sisters began doing social work and found out the need of an English medium school. They started the school which initially had always less the school has about 800 students and the school is of high standard and well known. Most of the teachers are from south India because the people here don't believe in local teachers.
 The statute of st. Francis greeting all those who enter into our friary compound....locals come and pray before the statute

 Franciscan sisters with their gardener....who looks after the garden as well as guarding the school and convent
I am happy to pose with the nuns
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