Thursday, November 6, 2014

St. Lawrence Brindisi Bhavan / Gurukul Bawal, Harayana

 since 2002 the capuchins are working in this remote place of Harayana 150Km away from Delhi....this place is a village area and dominated by one Caste....The friars have a formation house and do a lot of social work for the poor people
 Brothers gave me a warm welcome along with assistant rector Br. Anish

 Friary which is just enough to house these 27 candidates and four friars who are responsible for the formation

 Entrance of the friary who you will be greeted by Julie, a dog which is very loving one///
 Br. Thompson is explaining me about the rest of the dogs....he says we have small and big one too

 I am not a very big fan of dogs since i was bitten by dogs in the novitiate....i keep them far away....but these days going around in the custody where they have good many dogs....i have got now liking for them....

 27 young candidates who will be future capuchins.....please pray for them that they may walk the way of st. Francis in our capuchin family....they are talented and very good vocations....with good faith and family background....sincere desire to follow the Lord.....

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