Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Shanti Bhavan-St. antony Ashram, Navin Shadra-New delhi

A Chapel of the Friary, small and very cosy too!!!! they don't have many Catholics around but there are two families who sometimes do come for the Mass.....
This is a friary where they house also the Theology students. There are four brothers and two friars who reside in this friary. The friars are also involved in the school and formation, The brothers travel every day about 40 minutes to get to Vidyajyoti an Theological institute run by the Jesuits in Delhi. They attend the classes in the morning and then return to the friary for lunch. The franciscan Capuchin formation takes place in the friary. 
The friars render their services to the convents and in the parishes where they are called to preach. The Capuchins are known for their preaching. 
Brothers alexander, Doyal, Binu J and John Cyril.....one in white shirt is 1st year theologian and rest three of them are in the second year....the custody has two more theologians who are studying in Keral
 This is Mr. John, who works as a cook, very good cook....hard working and faithful too.....the friars are happy with him and he too is happy to be with the capuchins......not married looking for a simple girl.....

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