Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sad Demise of the brother of Br. Joaquim Hangalo

Issac Barros of Br. Joaquim Hangalo
Br. Joaquim - Our vicar and incharge of information technology

To lose one of our dearest is the most hardest thing in our human life and much more in our Religious life. The loss is very big and it takes a lot of time to overcome the sadness. Br. Joaquim, our Vicar of the fraternity and incharge of the Information Technology here in curia received the sad news of the demise of his younger brother who was just 18 years old. He died yesterday due to some illness. This is the second brother of Joaquim to die in one year. This year early he lost one of his older brothers. As Joaquim was recovering from the loss that he receives another sad news.....
Our Guardian immediately emailed to all of us the sad news and we all gathered around him to console and to offer our condolences to Br. Joaquim. Yesterday evening during the prayer we prayed specially for the dear departed soul of his brother and his family. 
This morning we offered Holy Mass for the intention of his brothers soul. May his soul rest in Peace. Let us pray for Br. Joaquim and his family that they receive the strength and courage to accept the loss of their son and Brother.....
brother Joaquim, we are with you in prayers and fraternal bond!!!!!!!!
Please pray !!!!!!!

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