Saturday, November 22, 2014

International Formation Commission Members for Meeting

From this morning onwards the curia started receiving the members of the formation council which begins its annual meeting from Monday onwards. They are from all over the Capuchin world. They are 13 of them and will start working on the first chapter of the Ratio formationis of the Order. This is a very difficult and hard work and they need our prayers and wishes. Brothers Charles and Jaime have already got ready for the meeting.
The Curia always welcoming friars from the entire world and we get many friars here visiting us. We are lucky to see and speak to these friars. This evening we have 3 Indian missionaries who attended a missionary course in Brussels and have now come to visit Rome. Brothers you are welcome to Curia to be with us.
Tomorrow two Indian Religious will be canonized at the Vatican. One friar said that the whole city of Rome is Indianized. He meant that there are many pilgrims come from India to witness the ceremony and welcome these two new saints in the church. It is a proud moment for the Indian Church and good news is that the indian government is sending a delegation to be present for this ceremony. Let us pray that these two saints intercede for the Catholic Church in India.
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