Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Formation Commission Visits Assisi - The Cradle of Franciscan Formation

What other place can we suggest than that of Assisi, which is home for our Franciscan spirituality and charism. It is the school and cradle of our Franciscan formation which tells us how to imitate our Lord and walk in the footsteps of our father. He was formed by the environment and society of Assisi to be a proud son and saint to be honored and beheld for 9 centuries. He invites all of us to learn and study in this school when possible.
The formation commission left this morning for Assisi to be present at the tomb of our father and then have a talk and discussion on the current situation of the formation all over the world. 

 The Holy place for all of us to seek guidance and light from our father Francis....He inspires and leads us to live the same life that he lived....Is it difficult...No.....we can make it possible if we remain faithful to his teachings and Rule....He is sought after by others.....He is inspiring so many we think that he wont do this to his beloved sons?.....Let us rest our heads and minds, souls and bodies on the person of Francis....we will see the miracles happening.....vocations will increase and Capuchin life will become vibrant....
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