Thursday, November 20, 2014

Br. Leonardo Gonzales - Responsible for the Capuchin Clarists

Br. Juan Maria for number of years was responsible for all the Capuchin and Clarists sisters in the World. He was loved by all of them and was well appreciated for his spiritual animation of the sisters. Wherever he went he brought joy and happiness with his simple personality. He is now replaced by one young and capable friar Leonardo Gonzales from the Province of Argentina-urguay. He comes from the country of the Holy Father and one can see that he shows a lot of qualities of animating the sisters and thus continue the good work of Friar Maria Juan. We pray for this young friar so that through his animation and visits to the sisters be a big blessing for the sisters. 
He is in the Curia since one month and he is now frequenting Italian language course. He is very quick in learning and an advantage is that he speaks Spanish. We wish him all the best and good animation of the sisters.
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