Sunday, November 2, 2014

Addressing a school Assembly of St. John's School

This school has about 2200 children. The morning session is for primary and secondary children. Every month the school conducts a prayer service which is inter-religious. Various scripture texts are read by the children and a reflection is shared either by the Manager or principal. Today i was asked to do so on the theme "sharing". It was a good chance to dialogue with children who are spontaneous in answering your questions. I asked them many question relevant ones and asked them to share what little they have with others. 

 The students are all listening to the various scripture texts being read out to them....a good practice in all the catholic schools all over India.....
 The inter-religious prayer services promote love for each other's religion and unity among them....the schools also celebrate various Indian festivals
 The choir of the school who lead hymns and songs.....they are all very enthusiastic about the prayer service

The teacher explaining the scripture texts to the students

The school band which is always ready to play music on any occasion....they are a talented lot.....
 One of the principal sisters of our school.....along with br. John Baptist...superior and parish priest and next to him is Br. Jude
 Br. Ernest, the manager of st. johns to his is sr. principal
Blessed among women......Can you buy the smiles of these Holy Nuns.....its contagious even the blessed ones too are smiling???????????
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