Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Third day Morning session of Council Meeting

Sergio presenting his report on the Chapters in Brazil
Rome is still warm and sunny. It is good to enjoy the summer till now. The weather is just good enough to work and sit for long meetings. We began this morning by reading a prayer from  our Holy Constitutions.
Immediately i had to present the reports of my canonical visitation conducted in South and North Tamilnadu. I presented first the power point presentation and then i added my observations and comments. The other councilors had questions, doubts and clarifications to make. I almost took more than one hour. 
Immediately after that Sergio spoke about the chapters that he presided over supported by General Minister who too attended. 
Mark then presented the report of his visit to Australia....he was happy to note that there are many positive things happening. Praise the Lord!!!!!

 Jean and Hugo asking questions......
Mark presenting his visitation report about Australia.....

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