Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Nuns Brutally Killed

One wonders why those who have given their life for a cause meet a tragic end. Many of them are crucified by the beneficiaries. In the history of the missions we have heard and read that the benefactors have always been the target of those who have enjoyed the goodness of these souls who leave their families and countries to save souls and give new life to those who are economically backward. Three sisters killed Burundi make us to ask questions why they did this to these who gave them their lives and made huge sacrifices.
We know that the missionaries are daring and God fearing men and women who don't make distinction between men and women. They serve with their whole heart and soul. We all have experienced their love, compassion and charity directly or indirectly. These three sisters also did the same for the people not of their own but different. For them these people are men and women of God, created in his own image and likeness.
Let us pray for these nuns who have become martyred for their faith that the Lord may have mercy on them and grant eternal rest. May many come forward to serve these poor ones. Let us not get frightened and leave the battle half way. Let us continue the mission of the Lord. He too was murdered for having done good and brought freedom, peace and salvation. May their soul rest in peace. 
We salute you dear sisters!!!!!! We are proud of your missionary work!!!!!You will live in the hearts and minds of the poor People!!!!!
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