Friday, September 26, 2014

Local Chapter of the Fraternity

We in Curia are very faithful in celebrating the Local Chapter every second month. Every one longs and waits anxiously with hopes and expectations of good things and decisions. This time once again all the members were present for the chapter in the newly renovated house. The hall with modern facilities is very conducive and accommodative for a local chapter.
We evaluated our stay in the curia for last two months and the brothers came out with concrete suggestions to improve our fraternal life.
We also had election for the house council and Br. Jose Carlos was elected as the fourth house councilor. 
Then the house economo announced certain things about the finances of the fraternity.
Br. General Minister made known certain decisions taken in our General council to the fraternity members.
The Guardian had some more informations to communicate which he did it very fraternally. 

 New Member Br. Francis for Cameroon as General Spiritual assistant to OFS
 Jose and Mark like to be photographed....
 Carlo Calloni is back to Curia......
They are working together always so why sit also together....that is the secret of their success
 Clayton needs some eye wash...??????
 We Four awesome friars.....
 I am not alone but Joachim is always there .....
 Ivan our new member with Padre Spirituale Raffaele
 We are all ready for the local chapter.....

Its a good feeling to be a member of the house council....

General Minister, Br. Mauro, communicating certain important decisions taken in general council meeting. 
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