Tuesday, September 23, 2014

International Fraternity at Clermont-Ferrand, France

 Brothers Pio who translated to Eric what we spoke and what Eric spoke to us.......Br. Eric listens

The General Council has been speaking a lot for establishing some International Fraternities in some parts of the Order where the Capuchin charism has been vibrant and active. Now these provinces are facing vocation crisis. We need to revive this charisma and there is a possibility of having good vocations. Many do come in order to live a solid capuchin life, searching for strong interior spiritual life.Clermont-Ferrand is a place where a solid and strong capuchin life is being lived and there is a lot of appreciation and acceptance. Br. Eric who is living this experience was called to speak to the council about his experience.
Ø  In the past the ministry and pastoral overshadowed and dominated our Capuchin life of prayer
Ø  Friars were doing everything together but each friar had own project and world
Ø  We need to Vision a life of a family in the Capuchin Order.
Ø  all friars live together and pray,
Ø  moments of prayers are moments of being together with each other,
Ø  As one we family in one place, this family lives 2 dimensions, one is interior relationship with the Lord and relationship with brothers and people through manual work.
Ø  The experience at Clermont-Ferrand is very positive and today many people come to participate this family life, it takes us out of the friary exteriorly.
Ø  this place of the capuchins welcome people who are lonely psychologically and emotionally,
Ø  The Friars have project of parish Mission. The need to go in search of the people and speak to them about the good news.
Ø  People forgotten and sick are met in this
Ø  The demands from the parish priests is on increase
Ø  Friars qualified could come to share life

Ø  Need today is to understand this thirst and research of the young friars

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