Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Feast to fr. Pio Murat, General Councilor

Fr. Pio and Fr. Raffael are good friends and they share their joys about the best wines....according to Raffael the best wine comes from France
This morning the Fraternity prayed for Fr. Pio Murat who celebrates his feast day. He is one of our community members who is loved and appreciated by one and all. he is very human and good soul too. He is known for many good things...talented and gifted friar.....he has his brother who is an archbishop. We all love him. 
We had a get together in his honor....one of his friars Eric came all the way from France to be with him...and of course to meet the general council....

 Eric, from France
Massimo and Carol.......sharing a moment of joy
Willie likes something good and its provided by Clayton with a smile
Friars from Slovenia joined us....Br. Vicar General is happy to pose...

 Eric is in a serious dialogue with Marcel
 The guardian appreciating Br. Pio.....a toast to his good health and also for his alining mother
 Clayton likes serving......
A Birthday cake for Pio Murat

Erivan writes poems for the birthdays of the friars....he is reading one which he composed for Pio....Pio likes it and agrees with all that he says.....General Minister nods too.....
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