Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fourth Day of the Council Meeting

Yesterday, afternoon we took up different points on the agenda like mid-term reports, fraternal and pastoral visitations. The reports gave us a clear picture of the various provinces and custodies of the Order. Many of the vitiators have noted that the Capuchin spirit is being taken for granted and as a result there are fraternal issues. There are so many good Capuchin friars who are living the commitment in difficult situations and witnessing a wonderful life. The ministries and apostolate that they carry out are in keeping with our charism, there is a lot of acceptance of the capuchin friars. The life of prayer is a big challenge in many of the Provinces and it is due to over emphasis on the ministry and work. The Capuchin traditions too are taken for granted and compromised due to different life-style. Many provinces are facing vocation crisis and many jurisdictions are receiving good number of vocations. There are challenges that are faced by the provinces but only solution to keep our capuchin charism and spirituality alive and vibrant is the fidelity that is needed on the part of each capuchin in the Order.

 Br. Segio presenting a report on his visit to the custody of Amanonia and Roraima
 Sergio pointed out on the Map the enormous distances between friaries.

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