Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fourth and Final Day of the Chapter

The morning session was intense as the points on the agenda were a little delicate ones but the Brothers showed a lot of maturity and sense of unity. The brothers voiced out their opinions in a fraternal way in building the Province and taking it to a greater height according to the Will of God and mind of the Capuchin Order.
The second half of the session was good and the friars came up with good many suggestions. Most of the young friars who did not speak came out with some valid and solid suggestions.
we have begun already the afternoon session where we have few points on the agenda and then we take up voting the recommendations and decisions that the chapter has taken.

 We are all at the service of the Church and the Order. The grace of working PCO was explained by Stefano....
We are ready to work....we are young and full of energy.....
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