Friday, September 19, 2014

Coming soon!!!!!!!! Circular Letter of the General Minister

The circular Letters of the Major Superiors are always welcomed with joy and a lot of expectations on the part of the Order. In the Past the General Ministers have addressed many important issues throught the Circulars to the entire Order. The Order has accepted them with faith and fraternal obedience. These letters have been instruments of change and have created a flutter among the friars to get back to their charims and committment. These circulars are admonitions of the Ministers reminding every now and then the importance of our Capuchin charism, spirituality and Identity.
Br. Mauro, General Minister for last 8 years has written beautiful and apt letters to the Order. They are worth keeping them in our library for future reference. I am sure that the friars have read them for the betterment of our fraternal and capuchin calling. Br. Mauro, General Minister, as a Theologian does take time off to write these Letters which are highly theological, spiritual and Franciscan too. 
The one which will come out in a short time is the best of all!!!! 
It is going to be a perfect gift for the Feast of St. Francis.....
I am not going to reveal the title of the Letter neither the Contents now....You wait and watch out...what I am saying is really going to be true....

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