Sunday, September 14, 2014

Angelus of Pope Francis-

It was great idea to be present for the Angelus of Pope Francis. St. Peter's square was picked to its capacity. Many spanish speaking pilgrims and of course Italians too. Many from English speaking countries too. The crowd waited for the window to open at 12pm and there was such a loud noise of the clapping.....It was really wonderful to be amidst these faithful who long to see and hear Pope. 
 One of the streets on Via Piemonte
From Via reconciliation ......we see the vatican....Basilica

 After months visiting Vatican....a great and different feeling every time i visit....always there is a desire to visit vatican....

Faithful waiting for the window to open....from where the Pope speaks and blesses
 A small figure of Pope Francis can be seen...but all faithful look up to see him....

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