Friday, June 27, 2014

Spiritual assistant to Capuchin Sisters By Br. Juan Mari Castro

Ø  He spoke his ministry to all sisters all over the world
Ø  He made mention that the sisters need good formation as the candidates come from village contexts
Ø  In Latin America there have been vocations but now there are experience a decrease in the vocations.
Ø  The course conducted by the Antonianum for the sisters was a great success but the professors expressed that the standard of the sister’s education was very low and they had to adjust their teaching.
Ø  They have a rich and positive experience
Ø  Some sisters are already studying in different universities in Rome. These sisters are quite intelligent and able to cope up with the studies.
Ø   Some of the Monasteries they have a good formation for the young sisters. 
He appealed to Provincials to support and accompany the sisters.
Promote education among them and teachings about St. Clare. Many friars always speak about Francis but not the spirituality of Clare. 
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