Monday, May 5, 2014

The official opening of the Chapter of st. Francis province, kerala

 Before we began the chapter we took some time off. We were taken for a boat ride close by. It was very refreshing and enjoyable. The chapter is held in Kollam, Theology house. There are 113 vocals. The atmosphere is very good. We can hear laughing and see friars hugging and embracing one another.
 The Provincial Minister John and General Minister in a house boat

 The inaugural Mass last evening presided over by the General minister. The provincial welcomed all the participants and the general minister delivered his presidential address

 The friars very devoutly listening and participating in the Holy Mass

 The Mass was held in the friary chapel which is big enough to be called a church.
 A beautiful view from the boat house

 Br. Fernando enjoys himself in the house boat

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