Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Chapter of Krist Joyti comes to an end

 Lighting the Lamp before the election for the Provincial council
 Reading the final results of the election
 The senior friars contributed a lot during the discussions
 The young friars too were very active and contribution was exceptional
 We seniors have to lead the young friars
 Discussion on the agenda
 Br. Simon Kottor, who completed 50 years of Capuchin commitment. we celebrated and wished him.
 Br. Xavier Vadekekkara the young brother of Br. Benedict Vadekekara who is in the historical institute
 Here are 64 friars who participated in the chapter
 Breaking the word of God during the conclusion of the Chapter, Gold jubilee, Felicitation of the new priests and 6 brothers who professed their simple vows
 The young friars were take by surprise by my questions, they did answer them
 The New Provincial minister giving the Novices new capuchin habits
 The newly ordained priests, 4 of them.....what a blessing for the province 4 new priests and 6 newly professed friars. God is smiling on Krist Joyti Province
 The ex-provincial Dominic with the newly professed.
 Simon was with me in the International college. we renewed our friendship during the chapter

Br. Prakash who too completed 50 years of capuchin profession
 Felicitation! Congratulations! and Best wishes to the newly professed
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