Friday, May 9, 2014

The Chapter concludes with an Eucharistic adoration

The 14th Provincial elective chapter came to a conclusion one day before the schedule. The agenda was well dealt with but there were some points which did not need a long time to discuss as they are already indicated in the Constitutions.
 The recommendations and decisions were read out by the drafting committee and they were voted upon. There were some corrections made by the chapter. The chapter secretaries every day read out the minutes which is a good practice. 
 I animated the province for about one hour on some of the changes in the constitutions. The chapter members were attentive and interested as this point was in the constitutions. The members asked a lot of questions regarding the changes and the queries about the english translation.
 Most of the topics on the agenda were dealt and sufficient time was dedicated to arrive at a decision. Some of the points which were already discussed in the previous chapters were just passed on.
 The before the conclusion of the chapter, i gave some concluding remarks and some suggestions for the improvement too. Some of the few challenges were presented to the members like the gap between and seniors and juniors, life of prayer and fraternal life, life of chastity and obedience. 
The provincial minister then thanked all the participants and the president and Br. Luis, provincial of East Canada.

 Br. Luis was invited by the president to share his impressions and propose some suggestions for the future chapters. He had some practical guidelines for the brothers. He expressed his satisfaction and contentment. He thanked the brothers for love and welcome.
 The president then concluded the chapter by officially announcing the 14th Ordinary chapter as closed.
The friars then began to depart for their respective places. We left for Trivendrum as our flight to Delhi is from here.

The chapter concluded with a short adoration and final blessing by the new provincial minister. It was a great moment of brotherhood.
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