Saturday, May 17, 2014

Let us follow the Constitutions and Statutes

In CCMSI so far we had about 5 provincial chapters and the celebration was very good sign of fraternal bond and union. The agendas were well prepared. some points on the agenda were not required to be there as they are part of the Constitutions and the Statutes of the respective provinces. The discussions on the agenda made me to reflect that the statutes are proposed and voted by us. Then why do we fail to practice them in our fraternal living. my great and favorite author Robin Sharma has some reflections. 
In one of Robin Sharma’s book I came across something very touching and helpful for all of us who follow rules, regulations and the Constitutions. He makes a strong and valid point to reflect and think about our day today lives. He says that there are rules and regulations everywhere in the world and the society smoothly run because of rules and regulations otherwise there would have been chaos and disorder. We must learn to follow and respect all the rules, customs and statutes if we would like to live happy, contended and unperturbed lives. They must become our second nature and without which we should not begin any activity in our lives. He says that if we would like to get along well with others then respect all that builds up relationships i.e. rules, the Constitutions, Statutes and regulations. One unknown author says the following:
1.     If you open, you must know to close.
2.     If you turn it on, must know to turn it off.
3.     If you unlock something, do not forget to lock it.
4.     If you move something, must remember to put it back.
5.     If something belongs to someone, then get permission to use it.
6.     If you borrow something, learn to return.
7.     If you don’t know how to operate, leave it alone.
8.     If you use something, take care of it.
9.     If you break something, admit it.
10.  If you can’t fix something, call someone who can.
11.  If you mess it up, see that you clean it up.
12.  If it’s none of your business, don’t ask questions.

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