Sunday, May 4, 2014

General Minister visits St. Thomas Province

We visited the old Jewish synagogue in Kochin. Unfortunately it was closed on Saturday
 The old Kochin city which had jewish community
 The General Minister along with other friars on one of the streets of Jewish community

 The Old Vasco di Gama church

 The tomb of Vasco de Gama
 Some inscriptions in Dutch language you find in the church

 we visited the Province of St. Thomas. The friars had gathered together for the annual retreat. They were about 60 of them. They welcomed the General Minister

 We concelebrated the Mass

 The Provincial Minister Raphy welcoming us

 Afternoon we participated in centenary celebrations of the Congregation of Holy Family Sisters. The tomb of their founders. One is blessed Marian Theresia and other one is venerable Joseph V
 At the tomb along with the sisters
 For the celebration more than 100 sisters of the congregation and another 200 sisters of other congregation were present. The Nuncio and many bishops were present.

Br. Mauro spoke on the occasion as he was invited for the celebration. Br. Benedict Vadekekkara one of our capuchin friars who resides in rome now s the  postulator for the cause of Blessed Marianm Theresia.

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