Wednesday, May 21, 2014

ELECTIONS OF ST. BONAVENTURE, MAHARASHTRA, The President Br. Stefan speaks on the qualities of the Provincial Minister

1. Man of God
2. Man of faith and Prayer
3. Friar who has a stronger with relationship with God
4. Man who listens to the brothers and be open and be close to them. Have human and fraternal relationship of friars
5. Man of communion and dialogue. He welcomes all and accepts them without any conditions.
The president then informed the capitulars that friars must vote as per their conscience and if they have promised something, brothers be free and open. Pope Francis said that money cannot buy peace and happiness. Money can buy things which gives you a short and temporary peace. 
The president said that we must listen to the voice of the Lord who is present amidst us. Feel completely free to hear the voice of the Lord. Peace is a clear sign of Gods presence. Listen to God and do as He commands us to do.

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