Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Two Provincial Chapters celebrated in the Order during this week

One Chapter in the Conference of Italy. This chapter was celebrated in the Provincia di Salerno on the 19th Feb. 2014 and the following were elected in the presence of Br. Raffael, the councilor general
Sono stati eletti oggi, il 19 febbraio 2014 :

Ministro provinciale:               fr. Angelo Di Vita (confermato)
Vicario provinciale:                 fr. Antonio Tomay
Secondo Consigliere:               fr. Salvatore Mancino
Terzo Consigliere:                   fr. Aniello Scaramella
Quarto Consigliere:                 fr. Valentino Incampo

Place: Cava de' Tirreni

The second chapter celebrated during this week was in the Provincia del Peru and the new team was elected on 19th Feb. 2014. The following brothers were elected: The president of the Chapter was Br. Stefan

Ministro provinciale:               fr. José Antonio Alarcón Gómez(confermato)
Vicario provinciale:                 fr. Piero Erick Véliz Valencia
Secondo Consigliere:               fr. Hugo Gonzalo Cateriano Villasante
Terzo Consigliere:                   fr. Paul Martín Torres Zegarra
Quarto Consigliere:                 fr. Adolfo Emilio Huanca Castro

Place: Fraternidad “Padre Santo” de Ñaña,  Lima
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